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Kang Seungyoon’s self-esteem dropped to 0 in a flash

sooo cute Haru ah!

This drama has such a great cast, can’t wait to watch it! 


(by megwu0312)

That body *.*

I hope I can be with you for just one day.

Love this part <3

Just one day.

One day for you to enjoy~

TRACK NAME: 하루만 (Just One Day) [MR Removed]
ARTIST: 방탄소년단 (BTS)


Evolving shiny Vulpix, Silver Version



I always wonder why some people ship Sifany. Tiffany is dating Nichkhun. Just look at their moments, gossips, Twitter updates  and the other things! And you, KhunFany Shippers, congratulations! You’re not delusional.

I knew there was going to be a 2pm and SNSD relationship since the shows they did back then! :D

A show about female and male idols living together? I don’t think YG will let you, bommie ©

Can’t wait for SBS roommate to start! 




Time for EXO spamming on this blog ;)

“I want to become a singer that can touch people with his voice…”

Love his amazing voice! 


To the Running Man Cast, Crew and Guests.

As a Melbournian and a fan of Running Man, I’d really like to apologize for the actions of the hundreds of people who were at Federation Square and the Melbourne CBD.

I’d hate to be a hypocrite and get angry at them for being there and causing a…

Melbourne I thought we could do better :(

Running Man is in Australia and they are currently in the city I Iive in which is half an hour away butIc was at school today and I’m now currently doing homework -.-

Didn’t even know that they were coming to Melbourne today, stupid schedule and the release of the information was so late and there were so many rumors -.-

People from Melbourne had to wait for hourly updates to know the location of where they were filming unlike Brisbane (you lucky people)

Could have seen Kim Woo Bin, Rain and Running Man crew in real life, ONCE IN A LIFE TIME CHANCE MISSED!

Who fits yor height?

Credit to owner

The Heirs/Inheritors ep10 - Chan-young protecting Bo-na

Love this couple ^-^